4 thoughts on “Give GIFs a Chance: GIFs and Museums Who Love Them

  1. Marissa – what an interesting topic! I think GIFs are something that most of use on a daily basis, but I never would have thought about them in the context of a museum. In response to some of your questions, I think that yes, one day GIFs will become a type of artwork that museums display next to paintings and sculptures. I think we’re already moving in that direction. One example immediately came to mind, Robert Wilson’s video clip portraits. One of my favorites is his Lady Gaga portrait based on the Death of Marat (http://www.phaidon.com/agenda/art/articles/2014/december/01/gombrich-explains-the-death-of-marat/). As the article says, his works are “brief film clips, half way between a still and moving image.” If something like this can be on display at the Louvre, I have no doubt that GIFs are not far behind. As you brought up, it is definitely an issue that they are so easily shareable, and often the original creator gets lost. Hopefully, as we continue to see digital and video art in museums, solutions will come to light.


    1. Thank you for your comment onceuponamuseum! I actually considered delving into the topic of GIFs that have already been exhibited as works of art, but felt that it may warrant its own post, or series of posts. It seems we have entered a new age of post-post-modernism wherein artists take pleasure in re-exploring the meta-explorations of society already made possible through the use of the internet and the use of digital tech. The mind reels at the layers, the possibilities!


  2. Can I say, I am in love with the National Archives gifs! Brilliant. Because gifs are so prevalent in internet culture, I have rarely found myself thinking about the original creator because of the seemingly shared ownership of products such as gifs. But it is something that should be considered because I know from experience, gifs take time and patience to make a good one! It’s ethical issues like this that are so difficult to manage in our current situation. This blog was very well written as well, can’t wait to see more!


    1. Thank you! I think ethics are unavoidably intertwined with much of the topics we are covering in Museums and Digital Technology class. I will likely cover more topics regarding intellectual property in the near future, as it is in my opinion a major topic of interest to museums working on going digital.


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