Greetings, Earthlings!

My name is Marissa Walker. I am a certifiable museum geek whose interests include making museums more inclusive to their surrounding communities, designing for accessibility, incorporating technology holistically, and marrying performing and visual arts within museum spaces.

A reader’s digest of my life and work – I obsessively visited museums as a child. I majored in Dance and English at Goucher College, where I took a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia. I’ve traveled some of the world, but would prefer to see much, much more.

I began learning and performing circus skills in 2009 as a post-college summer job, and have since become proficient in fire eating, making balloon animals on or off of stilts, flying trapeze, aerial fabrics and hoop, Spanish web, and generally entertaining anyone in my immediate vicinity.

I am still a professional circus teacher and performer, but I have real people jobs too. I have taught ESL to adult refugees, educated visitors and school groups at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, and recently worked in a graduate admissions office. I am currently a digital strategist on the content team for a startup social media marketing company in Towson, Maryland.

Fun Fact: My left arm is 1/4 inch shorter than my right.

Favorite Museums (currently):

  • Musee D’Orsay (Paris)
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The Walker Art Center
  • The American Visionary Art Museum
  • The Jewish Museum of Art and History (Paris)
  • The Peggie Guggenheim Collection (Venice)
  • Centre Pompidou (Paris)
  • The Field Museum

I tweet about #MuseTech, #MuseSocial and all things museums from @marissabrett.

You can also find me ‘gramming museums and my random circus adventures like a mad woman on Instagram @marissabrett.


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