2 thoughts on ““Museums + SEO” yielded 0 results: Search Engine Optimization Tips for Museums

  1. I totally agree with you. I think another challenge with SEO on Museum websites especially with blog posts is that, website manager’s may not be able optimize blog posts that they receive from specialized staff like curators, or conservators, because that might mean switching out some words or even changing sentences. I would also add one more step to the SEO strategy you created. That would be, creating a document that outlines how to optimize blog posts or just website pages – a document that all museum staff could reference whenever they need to write a post or create a page on the website.


    1. Great suggestion! Yes, I absolutely agree regarding SEO challenges in terms of staff cooperation/understanding. There really should be PD across all staff so everyone understands the massive importance of SEO and can tailor future publications and articles to the guidelines the institution lays out.


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